Monday, February 25, 2008

Goldfrapp- Seventh Tree

Goldfrapp makes sexy sexy music. If Prince and Goldfrapp decided to collaborate together and decided to have the Sneaker Pimps and Ladytron remix the singles, you could rest assured there would be another baby boom. I will admit, I've had sexy fun times to Goldfrapp's deliciously sultry tunes. However, Goldfrapp's latest effort, Seventh Tree, is a bit of a departure from the sexy dark grooves of Black Cherry and Supernature and more of a return to the softer tones of Felt Mountain (while still incorporating the elements that made Black Cherry and Supernature so great).

Fans of Goldfrapp will not be disappointed, but I will say it is an album that grows on you. You know what you're in for with this album once you get through the first track "Clowns". Part of me was a little disappointed because I was hoping for songs akin to past favorites like "Strict Machine" or "Ride A White Horse", but once I was through with the track "Road to Somewhere", all that disappeared.

Goldfrapp has produced an album of rich laid back tracks sure to please fans for the most part, but may not grab a new audience (unless it gets used for a pivotal scene in Grey's Anatomy or One Tree Hill). I would describe this album as a relaxed Sunday afternoon in the spring, while Black Cherry and Supernature are the raunchy fun times you had on Friday and Saturday night (yes, I used that analogy). The last half of the album does tend to lag for me, but it doesn't affect my overall judgement of the album. The standout tracks are definitely "Happiness","Eat Yourself", "Some People", "A&E" and my personal favorite "Road to Somewhere".

I'm eager to see what the next step will be for Goldfrapp. All I know is they've released 4 great albums, which is very hard to come by these days. Thank you, Goldfrapp. Thank you for the great tunes...and the sexy fun times.

I leave you with a live performance their great cover of Yes, Sir. I Can Boogie (Good God, I love this clip!)


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